Lockbox Order Delays

Supply chain disruptions have caused production delays on Kidde Lockbox Store orders. All current and new orders are delayed up to two months.

Call Customer Service at (984) 983-0995 to check your order status.

About the Kidde Senior Lock Box Program

Reduce Your Time to Reach Seniors and Other At-Risk Residents in an Emergency

Kidde's Senior Lock Box Program

  • Can save your emergency responders valuable time. Your central dispatch can simply notify the responders that a lock box is in use.
  • Provides an alternative to forced entry. If a lock box is used, responders may not have to damage the senior’s home.
  • Provides peace of mind. Lock boxes are only accessible by authorized personnel in the event of an emergency, because only police/fire departments have keys that can open the lock boxes. Friends, family, and neighbors cannot use this system to access a home.

How the Program Works

The steps for a homeowner to participate are:

  1. Choose a participating lock box and add to the shopping cart
  2. Enter the discount code in shopping cart (see details below)
  3. Complete checkout - lock box will be built and shipped
  4. Install lock box. (Check with local fire/police dept. for installation requirements)
  5. Contact fire/police department to secure property keys inside the lock box.

The fire/police dept. emergency response personnel are the only ones that have access to the lock box.


Trust SupraSafe by Kidde Lock Boxes

  • Kidde only provides keys to authorized departments.
  • Emergency responders only open lock boxes if a resident cannot open the door themselves.
  • Kidde supplies fire departments, real estate agents, and homeowners throughout North America.


Ordering your Lock Box:

Orders can be placed by email or by calling 984-983-0995.

When placing an order, have the following information available: name, company name, address, phone, email, and products. We accept payment via check or credit card. We also accept tax-exempt orders.