Important customer notice: Lockbox order delays

Supply chain disruptions have caused significant production delays on Kidde Lockbox Store orders.  At this time, all current and new orders are delayed up to six months.

Please call customer service at (800) 654-9677 ext. 3048365 to check on the status of your order.

Rapid Entry Key Lock Boxes by Kidde
  • Easy Key access
    Durable and easy to use, the Supra Max by Kidde is constructed of zinc alloy and is equipped with a unique one-piece construction and hinged lid for quick access to your keys.
  • Tamper proof
    All SupraSafe by Kidde lockboxes are steel construction with locking systems designed to withstand attack. Optional tamper switches can be integrated with a building’s alarm system.
  • Weather Resistant
    Supra Max is designed to be weather-resistant with a Dry Lock Lid™ to shield the lock mechanism from dirt and moisture, and weather-stripped inside to protect contents from the elements.

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