Lockbox Order Delays

Supply chain disruptions have caused production delays on Kidde Lockbox Store orders. All current and new orders are delayed up to approximately two months.

Rapid Entry LockBox Maintenance

Rapid Entry LockBoxes have a high quality, precision lock mechanism that requires a minimal amount of maintenance to insure continuous reliability.  Servicing them at least once a year is recommended to ensure proper working conditions and reliability.

Rapid Entry Lock Mechanisms

  • Spray lock mechanism with a dry Teflon lubricant such as Key Lube or LPS-1.
  • Do not use oil-based products such as WD40.
  • Operate lock twice to check operation and spread lubricant.


LockBox Maintenance

  • During lock cleaning, check the LockBox for chips or nicks in the surface powder coating.
  • Paint any chips or nicks to avoid the spread of corrosion.


Door Gasket

  • Apply a light coat of grease-like silicone paste (Dow Corning #4 or equal) to the gasket surface. This adds extra moisture resistance and prevents the gasket from freezing to the box.


If the lock does not open due to grit or surface corrosion, perform the following procedure:

  • Spray the lock cylinder generously with a good carburetor cleaner such as Gum Out, Poxylube or LPS-1.  These products leave no residue and dissolve any grit that may be interfering with the moving parts of the lock.
  • Take the master key and work it in and out of the lock several times.
  • Spray the lock cylinder with a dry teflon lubricant a second time.
  • Repeat the process if the lock does not open.